Monday, September 3, 2012

Required Reading for Wife Sentenced to Spend Labor Day in Naughty Chair: "Underwear Probation" by Spanking Erotica Writer Celeste Jones

A Gentleman Writes:

As all married men should, I rightly rule the roost at home and put my wife over my knee to soundly spank her bottom whenever she breaks any of my many household rules or otherwise fails to please me.

But sometimes spanking alone isn't enough.

My wife, a former child tennis prodigy used to getting her own way growing up with her soft-hearted parents and coach, can be particularly headstrong. So I regularly incorporate additional punishment to accompany spankings to make sure she gets the message.

Mouth-soaping, writing sentences, punishment outfits, long hours sitting in the corner in the "naughty chair" are among the supplemental disciplinary measures accompanying bottom blistering to remind my wife to be sweetly submissive at home and limit her aggression to the tennis courts at our country club.

My wife's attempt at dinner the other night was not quite up to par. The meal was properly cooked but I felt the food could have been arranged a bit more artfully on my plate. Consequently, as my wife cleared the table at meal's end, I informed her she would be soundly spanked once she finished washing the dishes.

I retrieved the "naughty girl paddle" from the upstairs bedroom then sat down is my easy chair in the living room. The washing-up done, my wife came and knelt before me. I lectured her at length about her culinary short-comings then put her over my lap, lifted her skirt, lowered her panties and properly paddled her pert posterior.

As her offense was not especially egregious, I decided that 24 hours in "punishment panties" was sufficient additional punishment.

The panties have rough sandpaper sewn into the backseat that rubs against sensitive skin of a spanked bottom. Stitched into the outer-face of the bloomers' backside is an excellent likeness of my wife's face with a tear rolling down her cheek and cursive lettering that says "Hubby Spanked My Bottom For Being Bad."

My wife went upstairs to put on her punishment panties and a nightgown then came back to the living room. I enjoyed an after-dinner cognac and cigar while my wife sipped a sherry.

Then it was off to bed. I limited our love-making to three hours rather than the usual four as we had a big day ahead of us: my wife was playing for the championship of our country club's annual ladies’ doubles tennis tournament.

We arrived at the club plenty early to allow time for my wife to warm up and for me to talk strategy with her partner.

This woman is not a very good tennis player; in fact, she's quite awful. I asked her to play with my wife because she agreed to my plan. All she's expected to do is put her serves in play and try to return the opponents’. The rest of the time she stands to the side and lets my wife take over.

My strategy worked like a charm in previous matches and was going well in the final round. We were winning two games to love when it came time for this woman to serve.

Then disaster struck. The woman threw the ball high in the air, then totally mishit the serve and pinged my wife right in the ass.

My wife lay sprawling before the net. I ran to her aid and carried her off the court. I sat down on the tennis bench and put her over my knee to check for injury. And when I lifted her skirt, was shocked to see regular sports knickers instead of punishment panties!

Were it not for the purplish bruise from the ball striking her behind, and the fact that I spotted in the audience some of the more "politically correct" members of our country club who aren't particularly accepting of the "1950s-lifestyle," I would have spanked my wife right then and there.

Instead I waited until we got home from the match -- my wife carried on despite her injury but not able to dominate play as before and we lost 6-4, 6-4 -- to pronounce punishment.

I was not sympathetic to my wife's excuse that she worried other women in our club’s ladies locker room might tease her if they saw her wearing punishment panties. As she was too sore to spank and may be for some time, I sent her to bed with no supper as soon as she fixed mine.

As added punishment, once she's served me breakfast, prepared my lunch and dinner and put it in the fridge for me to eat later, and whipped up a batch of fried beef jerky for me and my buddies to enjoy in our Labor Day poker game, my wife will sit in the naughty chair with her nose facing the corner for the remainder of the day. (If she asks nicely, she’ll be allowed 15 minutes out for lunch and another quarter-hour for dinner, plus bathroom breaks.)

While this punishment may sound strict, I'm concerned that my wife's tennis injury lets her avoid a spanking. Can you think of a task for my wife to undertake while sitting in the naughty chair to ensure she learns her lesson?

Kind Sir:

Yes I can. Your wife should be required to read "Underwear Probation" by the spanking erotica writer Celeste Jones. Perusing this torrid tale of disciplinary measures taken towards another silly wife who violated her husband's commands concerning underwear will remind your wife not to remove punishment panties in future.

"Underwear Probation" is available in e-book format and reasonably priced at $2.99. Copies may be purchased by visiting her website

Ms. Jones' other excellent spanking erotica novellas, “Twenty-One Days to a Better Attitude” and “Legal Briefs: Over the Knee Justice,” as well as her fine collection of spanking erotica short stories, “The Long Arm of the Law,” are also available in e-book format and may be purchased by visiting her website.

Ms. Jones includes several free samples of her writing on her website to whet your appetite.

I’m sure you spent many hours coaching your wife for the ladies’ doubles tennis tournament at your county club and are justifiably disappointed she didn’t bring home a first-place trophy to display in your “man cave” as proof of your accomplishment. Better luck next year.