Friday, November 9, 2012

Love Our Lurkers Day (*/*) XOXOXO!!!

While 1950s Wife is pleased with Tuesday's election results on the whole, she of course is devastated that her pet political cause, repeal of the 19th Amendment, was once again overwhelmingly rejected at the ballot box.

Actually, it's not quite right to say that the measure was voted down because it wasn't on the ballot anywhere. Nevertheless, 1950s Wife has taken to her bed in mourning with only a snifter of elderberry wine for company.

(Normally a teetotaler, 1950s Wife takes the occasional sip of something stronger for medicinal purposes. Her diagnosis: chronic melancholia re persistent presence of 19th Amendment.)

She's asked me, her alter ego, Claire Colinsgrove, to announce that it's "Love Our Lurkers Day" on 1950s Wife and multitudes of other sites in the spanko blogosphere.

I'm wearing my best "naughty cheerleader" outfit of tight white sweater that highlights my ample bosom and teeny-tiny pleated skirt that barely covers my perky behind. I shake my pom-poms and jump up and down (my snug-fitting cheerleader bloomers on full display as I leap in the air) and call out:

"Two Bits, Four Bits, Six Bits, A Dollar! All Who Love Their Lukers, Stand Up And Holler!"

So here's to ya, lurkers, We Luv U (*/*) XOXOXO!!!

But 1950s Wife would love you even more if you weren't so shy. As incentive, she's authorized me, Claire Colinsgrove, to offer the following incentive: the first person who's never commented on this blog before who correctly identifies which constitutional protection 1950s Wife thinks the United States could certainly do without gets a cyber-pat on the back, or a cyber-swat on the butt, your choice.

And don't tell 1950s Wife because she'll call me a slut, but I've got an even better prize in mind. The first former lurker to correctly answer the question may instead choose to put me over their knee, lift my skimpy cheer skirt and cyber-spank me till I holler "Please Daddy Please, Don't Spank Me Anymore! I'll Be Good!"

(Or "Please Mommy" if you happen to be a chick.)

If that won't bring a lurker out of hiding, nothing will :)