Thursday, July 26, 2012

Presenting the "Spanked Wives Olympics": "Spank Yodeling," "Switch Dancing" and "Cane Crying."

This story is one of ten that is now part of my anthology, "The Best of 1950s Wife," which may be purchased for ready read on your Kindle via for the reasonable price of $2.99 by clicking this link: "The Best of 1950s Wife"


  1. I certainly hope Good Woman does her best at the preparations for her Olympic Games and manages to win all three Gold Medals! Preparation is the kay after all! LOL

    1. Christina, the good news is the wife in question grabbed the gold medal in the Spanked Wives Olympics' first event: spank yodeling. The bad news is that she screamed so loud as her husband whipped her that received a ticket for violating the town noise ordinance.

      If she takes gold in the final two events, switch dancing and cane crying, she will easily be able to pay the fine with money from her big-ticket advertising endorsement career.

      If she comes up short, her husband intended to pay the ticket out of his beef jerky money. But I convinced him he was being far too generous and that his wife should instead cover the cost by foregoing olives in her martinis for the next five years.

  2. I husband wants to know when these Spanked Wifes Olumpics are being held. For sure he wants to try to win one medal, I am sure I won't win on the switch dancing....on the other hand..when I am allowed to wear my new spiked high heels then perhaps I make a good chance. On the Cane Crying I have the best chance when not being caned when I really long for it, otherwise I would probably receive my caning with a big masochistic grin on my face.
    The the Spank Yodeling, not my kind of thing. When getting spanked I become more and more quit en withdrawn, I assume that is not really a good quality to get home one of the medals?

    So I think I will have to disappoint My Monsieur and tell him I don't have what it takes to win medals on this great event.

    Nevertheless I wish all the competators good luck! Please don't forget to share any won medals here, I am looking forward in hearing your stories about the whole contest.


  3. So sorry you won't be competing Femme.

    Two events will be added to the mix for the Spanked Wives Olympics in 2016 that perhaps will better suit your talents: paddle pleading and detention discipline.

    The first event rewards the wife making the most noise begging and pleading her husband not to paddle her naughty bottom and, once the whipping begins, to please stop.

    In detention discipline, each wife must wear a "naughty schoolgirl" outfit of short pleated plaid skirt, tight sweater and knee-high socks with saddle shoes. They will be seated in hard wooden desks and required to write the following paragraph a thousand times:

    "I love my husband and I'm sorry I displeased him by being such a silly foolish wife. As punishment, I must be put over his knee, my skirt lifted and panties lowered, and my bottom spanked cherry red with the 'naughty girl paddle' till I shout "Daddy, please Daddy, don't spank me so hard!"

    Whoever writes her sentences quickest with the neatest handwriting wins the gold medal with the spankings to be administered to all the wives in the closing ceremonies.