Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wife Can't Wait for V-Day Gift of a New Vacuum Cleaner. "Love Spanks" Blog Hop Event Comes to Rescue with Much Needed Distraction

Dear 1950s Wife:

I’m so excited. I’ve had my eye on the latest high-tech vacuum cleaner on sale at our local department store. I dropped several hints and I just know Hubby is going to present me with it as an extra-special Valentine’s Day gift!

The problem is I’m a bit too excited.

My husband already spanked me once with his hand after I suggested that I wouldn’t mind taking my vacuum cleaner out for a test drive prior to Cupid’s arrival. Now he says that if I don’t stop pestering him about the subject, I’m getting a good stiff dose of the “naughty girl paddle.”

I’m so anxious to play with my new toy. I’ve been marking the days off the calendar and I can hardly wait for February 14 to come round. I don’t think I can stand the anticipation any longer.

Whatever am I to do?

Good woman:

I can sympathize. Our romantic life has been in a bit of a slump lately, so I hinted to my husband the other day that a V-day gift of a spanking-new ironing board would certainly spice things up.

I’m only allowed to drop one hint to Hubby per holiday regarding gifts or else my bottom is soundly spanked. But I know how hard it can be for us women to keep our silly mouths shut, particularly when one is eagerly anticipating the arrival of the latest housekeeping gadget.

For distraction, might I suggest the “Love Spanks Blog Hop” event set for Feb. 9 and 10.

My husband won’t let me use the internet except to post to this blog, as he knows I’d be tempted to waste valuable time Twittering and Facebooking that should be spent cooking his meals, cleaning house and washing his clothes. But I’ve heard from fellow submissive wives whose husbands are a bit more liberal that the spanking fiction writers participating in the hop are the cat’s meow.

Along with the chance to read hot stories, readers who participate in the hop by leaving comments have a chance to win neat prizes, including a grand prize of a choice of a “Kindle” or a "Nook."

I have no idea what a Kindle or Nook is but I’ve heard from fellow submissive wives with a technical bent that the gizmos are really neat-o.

For more information on the “Love Spanks” event, including the rules of the contest, click on the following link:

And please be sure to thank your lucky stars when you finally get a chance to take that new vacuum cleaner out for a spin. I can think of no more romantic a Valentine’s Day than the opportunity to give the carpets a good cleaning!