Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Presenting "The Best of 1950s Wife Vol. 2"

Gals can't stop gabbing about 1950s Wife and her hot tales of naughty wives getting red tails from stern spanking spouses. Her first short-story anthology, "The Best of 1950s Wife" cracked the coveted Top 100 sellers list in the Amazon category Humor & Entertainment>Love, Sex & Marriage.

And whether you're a gal or a guy, her latest release "The Best of 1950s Wife Vol. 2" has something for everybody!

Baseball fans may savor the flavor of corporal-punishment-style comeuppance given to a snotty socialite in "Naughty Northshore Madam Taken Out to Ball Game. Then Taken to Woodshed." Nordic sports enthusiasts can cheer competitors in the "Spanked Wife Winter Games." Legal scholars may pleasurably peruse the plain text of traditional values promoted in "Supreme Court Affirms 1950s Lifestyle: Back to the Kitchen Bitches!" Fashion mavens may cheerfully "cluck cluck" at the "Naughty Wife Caught in Pajamas During Day. Spanked that Night."

All this plus more, including a special guest star appearance by The Rev. Hornee Hanly, totally awesome dude, delivering his learned opinion on the fascinating subject of "Christian Domestic Discipline."

Don't delay. Get your copy today from for the reasonable price of $2.99 by clicking the following link: The Best of 1950s Wife

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