Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Love "Lucy Spankings"

I rarely watch television.

My husband forbids me from turning on the set during weekdays while he's at work to promote increased productivity in household chores. And the TV is reserved for his use at night and on weekends to view football games, boxing matches, stock market reports and other manly subjects that I of course take no interest.

I feel like such a wet blanket at luncheons with my non-submissive girlfriends when they chatter about the latest hit shows. But at our next hen party I'll be the bird with the word on TV viewing as I've discovered a really funny situational comedy.

My husband was on a business trip this past week. Mother-in-law, who lives in the nursing home since father-in-law passed away, stayed with me. Her watchful eye ensured no slacking off in darning my husband's socks, nor breaking my diet eating bonbons and other forbidden treats, nor exceeding my allotted 15 minutes daily telephone time gossiping with other wives.

My husband allowed the TV on for 30 minutes each day so mother-in-law could watch her favorite show. I sat next to her on the couch. Normally I wouldn't have looked up from my knitting, but this program was so funny I just had to sneak a peak.

The show is filmed in black and white and vintage fashions add to the retro look. The main characters are husband and wife, Ricky and Lucy, who look to be in their 30s, and an older couple who live in the apartment upstairs complete the cast.

Lucy is quite the character, let me tell you! She's gets in the most amusing mishaps, most of which result from scheming with Ethel, the older lady. Ethel's husband Fred is something of a fuddy-duddy though nice. But Ricky, pitter patter, pitter patter, be still my beating heart. So good-looking with the most charming Spanish accent!

And guess what? When Lucy messes up, Ricky turns her over his knee and soundly spanks her sassy bottom. Good for him! I would have thought such politically-incorrect, but thoroughly manly, behavior would not feature so prominently in a modern TV show.

The program is called "I Love Lucy." Check your local TV listings for time and channels in your city.


  1. How nice that you got to see the TV series, I LOVE LUCY, with your mother-in-law! I hope you don't start looking at her shenanigans and getting yourself in trouble, my dear!! It wouldn't be good if your husband had to take time away from his sports shows to discipline you!!

  2. Hi Christina. Hubby is back from his business trip and Mother-in-law spilled the beans to him about how much I love the "Lucy" show.

    Hubby is watching football on TV all weekend. And when he goes to work on Monday, he's going to put a lock-box on the TV switch to make sure I don't break his command about no television watching when I'm supposed to be busy with housework.

    But the good news is I found out the nice neighbor lady upstairs is a big "Lucy" fan and I'm going to sneak up to her apartment during the day to watch "Lucy" while Hubby is at work. I'm sure he won't catch me!

    My neighbor is such a hoot! She's just like the "Ethel" character always thinking up funny practical jokes to pull on her husband. She's going to help me think up some good jokes for me to use on my husband that I'm sure he'll enjoy!

    Stayed tuned.

  3. Surely your husband would understand that you ran out of sugar and had to borrow a cup from your neighbour upstairs. Or maybe on another day, you might need to return the thimble you borrowed from her. Then there's the new recipe you found in the paper that she might like. You could find yourself dropping in each day, coincidentally when Lucy is on.

    No harm in that, and no need to lie to hubby.