Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday Girl Paddled for Lying to 1950s Wife

One of my regular readers commented that she was very concerned that the wife who was subject of yesterday's post reported no birthday present, even though she was hand-spanked twice, caned and paddled by her husband all while dressed in her "birthday suit."

I was also concerned about the wife receiving no birthday present so I sent an e-mail to the husband. It turns out his wife had indeed been given a nice birthday present that morning -- a state-of-the-art ironing board -- but young madam left that part out in her message to me as an unsuccessful ploy to gain sympathy. Can you believe it??!!

The wife couldn't enjoy her new ironing board on her birthday, as the husband felt having access to clothes would tempt her to violate his sound rule that she spend her entire birthday dressed in her "birthday suit." But he advised that she has been enjoying the board all day today ironing his shirts and pants.

Young madam will be presented by her husband with a different sort of board this evening: 12 swats with the "naughty girl" paddle on her bare backside as punishment for being less-than-truthful in her e-mail to me.

I was also please to hear that the couple's night-on-the-town with the wife commanded to wear a short, tight "newspaper dress" went well. Young madam was extremely careful in walking, sitting and standing so the dress wouldn't tear. And several couples comprised of dominant husbands/submissive wives came by the restaurant table to complement young madam on her dress and ask where to buy similar costumes.

Once her ironing is finished, young madam will be hard at work making made-to-order "newspaper dresses" for all the submissive wives in town. With the extra money from wife's dressmaking covering the husband's beer and beef jerky expenses for the rest of football season, he'll be able to buy her that new vacuum cleaner he's had his eye on for her birthday present next year.


  1. Ha ha, so funny. My husband bought me aa apron once..I got so ticked off. I hate

  2. I'm glad to hear she got a present for her birthday after all!! And an ironing board!! Wow, that husband was so thoughtful to give her, as a gift, just what she needed to take care of his beer and jerky!! That's so thoughtful of him!!

  3. Stormy, thanks for the compliments on the post.

    Christina, I can't tell from your comments whether you liked this latest entry or not. Of course, there are no hard feelings if you didn't and I appreciate that you take the time to comment on my blog.

    If I missed the mark and wasn't funny with this post, I hope people will remember that my blog is fiction and meant to satirize only the underlying sexism of movies, TV and popular culture of the 1950s. It's not meant as a comment on people who choose to be in a D/s relationship because it's a good fit for them. Just want to make that clear.

  4. As a woman who detests ironing, I'm so glad an ironing board has never been my present, but love your humor 1950'sWife:)!


  5. LOL... very funny! Just found your blog and I have enjoyed reading it thus far!


  6. ~Loving, thank you so much for the nice compliments :)