Monday, September 19, 2011

Paddles with Holes

Dear 1950s Wife:

My husband spanks me with his hand for most offenses, but when I'm really naughty he uses a paddle with holes on my bare bottom. When he's finished whipping me, I have :) visible on one cheek and :( on the other. My husband says the design emphasizes that paddling is lots of fun for him and a real tragedy for me!

Paddlings hurt like heck, but what's worse is my husband sometimes uses humiliation afterwards. The other night he paddled my posterior right before we left for a dinner party. When we got there, he told the guests I'd been really bad and must stand in the corner for 30 minutes before supper with my bare bottom on display.

All the men laughed really hard at the :) :( marks on my bottom. But their wives didn't think it was so funny, especially because the men asked my husband to make them the same type paddle.

My husband will be really busy in his wood shop this week. And he says he'll test all the paddles on me to make sure he got the :) :( marks just right. Whatever am I to do?

Good woman:

Paddles with holes are excellent tools for wife training. I commend your husband for his choice of design. I love a man with a sense of humor!

The paddle my husband uses on me has I < heart > Hubby drilled into it and of course I stand in the corner afterwards with my bare bottom on display so Hubby can admire his work. He usually prefers the deep red hue of just the paddling as background, but sometimes sharply pinches my bottom at various places to provide a decorative edging to the lettering.

It's your wifely duty to serve as test subject for the paddles your husband makes for the other men. I trust they'll pay a reasonble fee for materials and labor and I'm sure your husband will spend the money wisely. Whenever my husband comes into a financial windfall, he buys beer, potato chips, knicknacks for his "man cave" and other useful items.

Humilation such as public cornertime is good for you as it aids in wifely submission. I hope you'll be standing in the corner before guests many times in future with your bright red bottom on display, the men laughing and the women murmuring in sympathy.  


  1. That poor woman, lol!


  2. Yes Kitty, the lot of a 1950s Wife-submissive is a tough one. But look at the bright side. With her husband's earnings from his paddle-making business paying for beer, potato chips, "man cave" knickknacks and other household essentials, the husband can afford to buy that new vacuum cleaner he's had an eye on for his wife's birthday present!