Monday, September 12, 2011

Are "Hippie Husbands" Acceptable?

This story is one of ten that is now part of my anthology, "The Best of 1950s Wife," which may be purchased for ready read on your Kindle via for the reasonable price of $2.99 by clicking this link: "The Best of 1950s Wife"


  1. Dear 1950's Wife, I have just the opposite problem. My husband (Daddy) is a carnivore and I eat vegan, lol! I laughed so hard when I read this because I love fact I just got a new recipe for lentil loaf:)!


    P.S. Keep writing...I really enjoy reading your posts!

  2. Love the blog and how different it is from mine or anyone else's with the Advice Column format!! Very cool...

  3. Kitty and Christina, thank you so much for the compliments on my blog!

    Kitty, my husband is something of a carnivore himself. Because I believe in sending Hubby off to work well fed, I get up extra early to cook his breakfast of sausages, bacon, ham, t-bone steak and scrambled eggs, plus a foot-high stack of flapjacks to provide necessary carbohydrates. As you might imagine, Hubby loves his red meat for dinner. But, to guard against excessive cholesterol, I do try to substitute fish or chicken for dinner at least once every other month.