Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Birthday Spanking and a Spanking Book for Birthday: What a Lucky Wife!

A Gentleman Writes:

My wife's birthday is coming up soon. Can you help me think of a suitable gift to accompany the long, hard birthday spanking I intend to give her.

I got my wife a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner  for last year's birthday and this Christmas she was overjoyed to receive a brand-spanking-new ironing board. Our other household appliances are quite new, none is more than 20 years old. So getting her another contraption to aid in her cooking and cleaning would be a complete waste of money.

Quite frankly I'm stumped. It seems like my wife has everything her heart could desire.

Kind Sir:

With her fancy ironing board, high-tech vacuum cleaner and rest of her household appliances being practically brand new, your wife is sitting in the lap of luxury. Yet still you want to get your beloved that "special something" to help make her birthday memorable. What a kind, generous, loving husband you are to spoil your wife so!

What to give as birthday present for the wife who already has everything? Might I suggest:

The Spanking Hand Book – the authoritative guide to adult
discipline. The complete guide to giving and getting a well deserved punishment!
The Spanking Hand Book brings together the world’s most respected authors
to share their tips, tricks and experiences in the pleasure and the pain of adult

Over 40 color pages of tips and tricks, short stories and erotic spanking
illustrations. The book is everything you want to know about erotic spanking –
· The art of dishing out a sound punishment
· New and classic spanking positions
· Spanking tools from around the home, custom or DIY
· How to take a punishment
· The history of erotic adult discipline
· Women dominating men
· What NOT to say to your spanker / spankee
It also includes:
· Erotic short stories, including one by 1950s Wife
· Spanking trivia and facts · Beautifully illustrated spanking images
· Spanking cartoons and humor

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The eBook is in a PDF format which means it can be read on your computer,
iPad, iPhone, Kindle or you can print out a colour or black and white.

The Spanking Hand Book is written by the world’s best spanking bloggers,
film stars, models and authors. Read their exclusive insider tips on giving and
getting a sound spanking.
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$5.95 – over 40 pages of erotic spanking fun.

To purchase, simply click on the "Spanking Hand Book" link in the links section of this blog. PayPal is a secure server and all purchaser's details are kept strictly confidential.

I'm certain this wonderful encyclopedia of spanking discipline and romance will be a cherished gift that will keep you and your wife entertained for years to come.

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