Monday, June 17, 2013

Hot off the Presses: "The Best of 1950s Wife"

Critics agree: Marital advice dispensed by 1950s Wife can’t be beat! An internet sensation since 2011, 1950s Wife’s sage advice suggesting spanking, cornertime and other corporal discipline for naughty wives is sure to promote a happy home.

And now you can have your own copy of ten of her best columns for ready read on your Kindle via for the reasonable price of $2.99 by clicking this link "The Best of 1950s Wife"

“The Best of 1950s Wife” includes such gems as “Spanking and Soap Paste for the Wife Who Won’t ‘Swallow’,” “Usefulness of ‘Bulls-Eye Spanking Panties’ in Wife Training,” “Are Hippie Husbands Acceptable,” “Silly Wife Spanked for Operation Main Street Stunt” and many other pearls of wisdom.

Don’t delay. Get your copy today. And always remember: You don’t have to live in the 1950s to be a “1950s Wife.”


  1. So many choices! Guess I'll have to buy 'em all. :) Congratulations, Claire!

  2. Oh I want a copy of that book. I will ask the husband if he will allow me to use some of my allowance to make the purchase. Though he doesn't like taking advice from anyone, he might actually enjoy the book too. He will find the advice on soap paste for the wife that won't swallow very helpful though I shudder to think of him using this punishment on me. This book of yours will certainly become a well used manual in our household. I always am striving to become the perfect 1950's wife. Thank you so much.

    By the way, I posted your book on my Pinterest site. Hope that it sells well.