Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Naughty North Shore Madam Taken Out to the Ballgame. Then Taken to Woodshed.

This story is now included in my latest anthology "The Best of 1950s Wife Vol. 2," which may be purchased for ready read on your Kindle from for the reasonable price of $2.99 by clicking this link: The Best of 1950s Wife Vol. 2



  1. OMG. Claire---this is soo funny. Might even make a sports fan out of me.

  2. I know you said this story is fake, but I gotta be honest, the woman sounds exactly like my stepmother. very spoiled, unnecessarily rich, and entirely too proud of herself for nothing. too bad my stepmother would not get the point of such a story. it's very humbling (even for a poor gal like me) and it's kinda like Aesop's fables. very good read. thanks for the lesson interwoven into it

    1. I really appreciate your comments on the story Shadowplay! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and take it as a compliment that the main character seems so "real" to you, though I feel bad that you have to suffer being around such a person in real-life.
      Thanks again for commenting :)