Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Husband Makes Me Call Him "Daddy"

Dear 1950s Wife:

My girlfriends tease me because they think it's strange that my husband makes me call him "Daddy" at home and in public.

Good woman:

1950s Wife firmly believes 1) teasing is good for you because it enhances wifely submission; and 2) your girlfriends are the ones who're strange.

1950s Wife proudly notes that she has never once in ten years of marriage broken my husband's command that I refer to him as "Daddy" at all times and in all places. And, despite my perfect record, I support Daddy's wise decision to regularly spank, paddle and cane my bare backside to reinforce this rule and others that promote proper behavior on my part. Whenever acquaintances arch their eyebrow's at my use of the term, I simply tell them "I call my husband 'Daddy' because he loves me, cares about my behavior and, whenever I am naughty, turns me over his knee, lifts my skirt, takes down my panties and spanks my bare bottom cherry red!"

I strongly suggest you offer the same explanation to your friends!

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