Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bad Driving Equals Sound Spanking

Dear 1950s Wife,

I ran over the mailbox by accident when I pulled into our driveway the other day. Upon confessing my misdeed, my husband put me over his knee, lifted my skirt, lowered my panties and spanked my bottom with a smallish paddle-with-holes that he uses on me for major offenses. He paddled my posterior until tears streamed down my face and I screamed "Daddy, please Daddy, don't spank me anymore!"

While I submissively support his husbandly duty to administer that discipline, additional punishment is in store a few days later when another couple comes to our house for bridge night. Prior to the card game, I must read aloud an essay I'm to write on why women are inherently bad drivers and must be extra careful behind the wheel. Then my husband will turn me over his lap and spank my bare bottom again, this time with his hand. Then I must stand in the corner of the living room with my skirt tucked up, panties down, and my red behind on display for the rest of the evening.

Isn't this a tad excessive?

Good woman:

Of course not.

Recognizing that women are naturally poor drivers, my husband forbids me to drive except for trips to the grocery store. On my way there, I must go no faster than 15 mph and, in parking the car, must use a space way far back in the lot away from other cars to prevent nicks and scratches. Though I'm pleased to say that I've never had an accident, I still enthusiastically support my husband's giving me regular "reminder spankings" to reinforce safe driving.

Two spankings, writing an essay, and a night of cornertime is certainly not excessive punishment for running your mailbox over. And if you can't find a fourth to take your place for bridge, you must be spanked for that too!


  1. Driving not more than 15 mph will earn you a spanking from the other motorists:-) I think hubby went a bit overboard there.


  2. Yes Hermione, other drivers do get very irritated when I stick to my husband's mandated 15-mph speed limit. The other day this rude woman tailgated me to the grocery store honking her horn the whole way. I must admit that when we exited our cars in the parking lot, I gave her a good piece of my mind in language rather unbecoming for a lady such as myself to use. When I confessed later to my husband, he washed my mouth out with soap and gave me five paddle swats for saying "swears." But he also praised me for sticking up for myself.